Where are you located?

K&R’s main office is located in Cape Coral, FL.   We have satellite offices in Wilmington NC, Charlotte NC, Macon GA, Tampa FL & Orlando FL. 

Do you have Saturday hours?  

Installation and service is available on Saturday when scheduled in advance and coordinated with our technical staff.

What states do you cover?

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  In addition we cover the West Indies, parts of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

How do I get a quote?

Contact us at 800.910.2885 or send an inquiry through our Contact Us page.  You can also purchase most of our products through your heavy equipment dealer.

Can I see a demo of your product?

With over 5,000 installs under our belt, we are sure to have a customer close to you that will allow for us to demo our product.

I have a technical problem or question, who do I contact?

We ask for all service and technical questions be directed to our main office by calling 800.910.2885 or 704.774.9204 where our experienced staff will be able to help you right away.  You may also send your inquiry through our Contact Us page.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes.  By calling 800.910.2885 or 704.774.9204 you will get a live person who can assist you with calibration questions, parts concerns and technical advise.  Should you get voicemail when calling it’s likely because we’re on the phone.  You can also text 704-774-9204 with your request to be contacted back at the next opportunity.

Can I calibrate the scale myself?

LOADRITE scales do not need calibrating often.  If you find your scale is off please contact us at 800.910.2885 or 704.774.9204 with a description of the issue at hand.  We can walk you through the correct type of calibration over the phone.

Do you offer training?

Yes, initial operator training is included with each new install.   We check in with you 4-6 weeks after your new installation to find out if your operators have caught on, or if an extra complimentary visit for additional training is needed.

Where do I get printer supplies?

Printer ribbon is compatible Epson Printer Ribbon, ERC09B, Black. Should you have trouble finding this locally, please call to order from us or visit our on-line store.

Printer paper is standard 2¼” wide adding-machine tape.  If you source paper locally be advised a standard 125′ roll will be too thick to fit in the printer. Several feet will need to be removed from each roll.  You may order 2-ply (double), and 3-ply (triple) paper from us that fits without having to unravel some paper first.  Simply give a call: 800.910.2885 or visit our on-line store.

I have a billing question, who do I contact?

Please contact Vikki Bartlett at 800.910.2885 or send an inquiry through our Contact Us page.