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Camera Monitor Systems

 – Eliminating costly blind spots –

Vehicle blind spots are a huge contributory factor to collisions in all industries.  The complex shape and sheer size of many commercial vehicles and machines greatly limit driver visibility, making collisions more likely.  The cost to industry of property or vehicle damage is significant and is magnified by associated costs such as downtime. Even greater are the corporate and emotional costs when there is personal injury.

– Saving money and lives –

Camera monitor systems are used in a wide range of on- and off-road applications to meet a host of health and safety legislative requirements. They can eliminate blind spots to prevent costly vehicle damage, and more importantly, to save lives.

– Operational and cost benefits –

  • Can cover multiple blind spots on a single monitor.
  • Can reduce vehicle damage and downtime.
  • Can help reduce insurance premiums
  • Improvement on mirrors:
    • Wider angle of view
    • Clearer visibility in low light conditions
    • Less likely to be damaged or broken

– Systems for every need –

Rear View

Side View

Front View

Multiple View

360° View

and Internal View

System Ranges

Reversing Camera Case Study with TNT

Essential Series

A low cost, entry level reversing camera monitor kit. Ideally Suited to light commercial vehicles and vans where only one camera is required.

Select Series

Our mid-range Camera Monitor Systems (CMS) offer added choice, camera inputs and features at a cost effective price.  Suitable for medium to large road going vehicles.

Elite Series

A superior, high quality CMS range for comprehensive blind spot coverate. Suitable for heavy duty applications, large road going vehicles and specialist applications.

Features include:

  • Single/split/triple/quad/picture-in-picture screen function
  • Certified to ISO 13766:2006 standard for earth moving equipment