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Safety in Reverse
LED lighting

Backup Alarms

Reversing ‘beep beep’ alarms were first
introduced to Europe in the 1970s. They
provided a vital step forward in safety,
yet over time they have been shown to
have a number of inherent problems;
specifically concerning their environmental
impact, but also in terms of safety – the
exact reason they were introduced in the
first place. Advances in technology mean
there is now a much better alternative.
bbs-tek® white sound® alarms are a
revolutionary new generation of warning alarm.

Backup Cameras

  • 360 degree total view
  • 7” flat screen, basic system “7 in Monitor”
  • Rear-view mirror system “Mirror Monitor”

Mobile Digital Recorders

By recording footage from vehicle mounted cameras, mobile digital
recording provides an accurate witness, giving irrefutable evidence in the case of false claims, crash for cash incidents or vandalism. Disproving these claims means companies can make major cost savings, whilst importantly supporting their drivers, who are often the subject of increased scrutiny.

  • False claim prevention
  • Protection for drivers who may be wrongly accused
  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings
  • Useful in reducing shrinkage and catching perpetrators
  • Driver training and best practic
  • Peace of mind for passengers and drivers

LED Lighting

Impressive long-life technology makes LED
lighting systems a long-term investment. While
lasting significantly longer than fluorescent
products and up to 50 times longer than traditional
incandescent lighting, LED lighting solutions offer
tremendous energy and maintenance savings that easily
justify their higher upfront cost. For this reason, LED lighting solutions are
being widely adopted in rock quarries, offices, other outdoor lighting, factories, and more. Retrofit kits available for common fixtures, saving even more money and resources!”