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On-Board Weighing Systems: Helping you account for every load using the latest technology in wheel loader scales, conveyor scales, excavator scales, and haul truck monitoring systems.

Safety Solutions for Rolling Equipment and Vehicles: When it comes to safety, visibility is key.  360 degree zero blind spot camera systems, standard reversing camera systems, 4 angles split screen camera systems, white noise (broadband sound) back-up alarms, proximity sensors, and recording devices all enable the visibility and proactive driver/operator navagation assistance to avoid tragedy!

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Installation:  Factory trained and experienced technicians are top priority with K&R Weigh Systems.  Our team of professionals provide you with peace of mind that your on-board weighing systems are installed as if they came factory fitted with your machine.  Wheel loaders, compact loaders, tractors, forklifts, track hoes, backhoes, excavators, haul trucks, conveyors, milling machines, grinders, crushers… you name it, we ensure your product is producing the desired results!

• Sales:  We work with you to get to know your application and needs to get you into the best product for your application and nothing more.  With K&R Weigh Systems you can count on professional salespeople with only your interest at heart.  Never ‘selling’ you, only educating you and allowing you to make an educated decision on what will work best to make your operation most efficient and increase your margins.

Audits/Inspections: A major part of ensuring your conveyor weighing system is continually producing accurate results is maintenance, housekeeping and regular calibrations.  K&R Weigh Systems has an audit program allowing you peace of mind that we will contact you at regular intervals of your choosing to provide full inspection and calibration to your scales.

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If you are interested in receiving a quote for a LOADRITE Scale to be installed in FL, GA, SC or NC – please click here  or call 800-910-2885

K&R Weigh Systems is your local authorized Loadrite distributor for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

In addition to Loadrite Loader Scales, Excavator Scales and Conveyor Scales, we are also your distributor for Tecweigh Conveyor Scales and Brigade Safety Solutions for rolling equipment.

K&R Group has been in business since 1993.  When we decided to join this industry, our goal was to provide our customers with products that are backed 100% by the manufacturer. In addition we choose to limit the number of products we handle, so that we can focus our efforts.  You are our #1 priority!