LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI)

Real-time Plant Production Reporting

Loadrite LCI is a powerful tool to equip plant managers, quarry managers and process improvement teams track plant production and downtime. Equip the plant operator with real-time plant production data to optimize performance, report production for the quarry manager and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for performance improvement projects. Real time feedback allows your team to track the effectiveness of operational changes and reduce waste by reacting during the shift. Alternatively, mount the LCI in the excavator or wheel loader cab providing live production data to empower the machine operator feeding plant.


  • Simple metrics show real-time plant production at a glance
  • Track individual belts including total production, TPH flow rates and belt speed to optimize production
  • Automatic downtime event logging with support for manual tagging of downtime causes to help your team identify trends and resolve issues
  • Get instant production feedback from performance improvements to boost efficiency
  • Clear production totals and Zero the belt scales from the control room, without the need to go to the LOADRITE indicator
  • Track multiple belts across the site for a single view of plant productivity
  • Suitable for fixed and mobile equipment
  • Compatible with any web browser on desktop and or mobile devices

How It Works

The LCI collects real time data from your LOADRITE belt scales networked for display in the control room. It is compatible with all LOADRITE C-Series belt scales including C2820, C2850 and C2880.