L2180 Loader Scales

Regardless of the application, the challenge for site and fleet managers is the same: achieve maximum value from existing equipment by utilizing it in the most efficient manner. The key to making effective decisions is having the right information available. The LOADRITE L2180 is more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place – on the loader.

Superior weighing technology for better performance consistency

LOADRITE uses rotary position sensor continuously monitors boom position over the entire lift allowing multiple measurement points. Multi-point weighing allows variations in weights calculated to be averaged out or even discarded if outside tolerance levels. These variances can be caused by inexperienced operators or weighing on rough ground.

Simpler user interface for easier operation, LOADRITE products are easy to understand and easy to use.

The LOADRITE screen display is uncluttered and only relays pertinent information to the operator when required. This enables the operator to concentrate on what they do best without unnecessary distraction: loading trucks.

Active Tip Off for optimizing truck loading to the max haul capability

The Active Tip Off feature allows the loader operator to adjust the last bucket load at any height. This is possible due to the LOADRITE rotary position sensor which allows the scales to compensate for boom position.

Customer-centric solution, not just machine-centric

InsightHQ (web based) and Materials Management System (for PC) reporting platforms are specifically designed for loading and quarrying operations. LOADRITE can track the stockpile inventory levels and loader tasks (e.g. stockpiling vs. loadout, when using data fields). LOADRITE reports on key metrics of their quarry operation – pit processing, and loadout, empower quarry managers to optimize their production, not just a scales on a loader.

Trusted weighing specialist

Since 1979 LOADRITE Scales have been recognized as the industry leader for loader scales worldwide. Because of the LOADRITE reputation for product quality, superior service and support, major aggregate producers established their standard operation procedures around LOADRITE scales. Top manufacturers refer to LOADRITE as their preferred scale option *for mixed fleets*.

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