BBS-Tek White Sound Alarms

BBS Both Models


97 dB – $135.00

107dB – $203.00

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BBS-Tek White Noise Alarms

BBS-The-basics-of-soundbbs-tek® white sound® alarms are a revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance. Already fitted across a range of industries from mobile plant machinery to airport luggage buggies, bbs-tek® is fast becoming the back-up alarm of choice. In fact, in New York City it is the only alarm permitted on construction vehicles. Brigade’s vision is to ensure that every commercial vehicle is fitted with a white sound alarm to reduce reversing fatalities.


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Provides an effective danger warning

Alarm sound is instantly locatable

Heard only where it matters

Approved by the Noise Abatement Society

Certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery


White Noise Broadband Sound Backup Alarm