Civil Construction

Payload Management for Civil Construction

Are you looking for a better way to manage your excavation and demolition projects?

With the weighing and reporting capabilities of LOADRITE™ excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, and wheel loader scales, you can monitor and manage your projects more accurately than ever before. LOADRITE™ has been in your industry for over 30 years helping customers like you be more profitable on every project, every time.

Are your on-road truck weights legal or are you wasting money on partially loaded trucks?

It can be difficult to optimize loaded weights when spoil density varies or when it’s wet. LOADRITE™ excavator and wheel loader scales eliminate the guesswork involved in loading trucks that travel on public roads. What’s more, installing one LOADRITE™ excavator or wheel loader scale can eliminate the expense of installing scales on a truck fleet.

How do you know if your tender costing was accurate?

Tender material quantities for projects involving load out and transport are based on best estimates of material volume and density. LOADRITE™ scales allow you to track load out production against tender estimates to monitor project profitability in near real time.

Getting invoiced for disposal of spoil, contaminated materials or demolition materials? With the cost of disposal increasing dramatically in many cities, LOADRITE™ production reports help you monitor transport and disposal costs.

Are you using subcontractors?

Make sure they are progressing in line with your needs by pairing your LOADRITE™ excavator scale, conveyor belt scale, or wheel loader scale with our productivity software. Customizable reports will give you information on shift start/stop time, total tons moved, tons per hour, tons per truck, and truck cycle times.

Crushing onsite?

LOADRITE™ belt scales are agile systems ideal for mobile crushing. Keep track of your total tonnage, start and stop times, first load, last load, and more. LOADRITE™ conveyer belt scales provide the accuracy you need and the reports to help you manage your business.

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