Trimble Mining

Are you accurately measuring tons per hour and cost per ton?
Take control of your operational improvement with accurate measurement of key metrics with LOADRITE scales.

Trimble LOADRITE™ provides the proven, reliable systems you need to track the most important information for your mining operation, tons moved. Our wheel loader scales, LHD scales, excavator scales, and conveyor belt scales give your operators the tools they need to maximize their production and the data you need to measure your performance.

With LOADRITE you can optimize payload to maximize productivity during high commodity prices, and load to optimum payload to maximize cost per tonne during low commodity prices.

LOADRITE™ has you covered throughout your underground or open pit mine:

  • Wheel Loader, Excavator, and LHD scales at the face or pit helping you load haul trucks and monitor your throughput.
  • Conveyor belt scales before and after every crusher, screen, wash plant and final product belts to help you identify bottlenecks and track tons per hour through your plant.
  • Conveyor belt scales and wheel loader scales to help you load road trucks, rail cars, and ships/barges in your final loadout.
  • Safely avoid overloading trucks, overworking capital equipment, and working beyond machine capabilities.

Over 30 years developing solutions for your business, LOADRITE™ products and our factory trained distributors are here to support you. Contact your LOADRITE™ distributor today to learn how we can help you.