Haul Truck Monitoring Systems

LOADRITE H2250 Haul Truck Monitor

Counting and recording haul truck cycles is a tedious and error-prone exercise that few operators enjoy. Fleet managers also welcome any steps that remove workload from haul truck operators to allow them to focus on safe and
productive material movement. For data-entry operators, the interpretation and alignment of paper-based tally sheets can be a complex and frustrating activity, so the arrival of the new LOADRITE H2250 haul truck monitor from Trimble, signals a welcome relief from these issues.

HT Cycle Time

The H2250 Haul Truck Monitoring System helps prevent the following issues:

  • Unplanned down-time
  • Under / over loading
  • Queing
  • Slow / inconsistent cycle times
  • Unsafe tipping – H2250 has Tip over warning
  • Excessive tire wear

Optimize your operation with H2250


  • Accurate visibility of haul operations
  • Optimized payload on every truck
  • Lower and more consistent cycle times
  • Unscheduled downtime reduced
  • Cycles matched to primary crusher demand
  • Lower idle times
  • Lower cost per ton
  • Improved overall production

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